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As we approach a full season of community and main stage events, we need your help to bring the magic to life on stage. 
This season, we are partnering with the incredible organization, LitShop, to create 2 brand new backdrops and a house set for our upcoming production of "The Nutcracker & the World's Fair." We would love for each of these students to have the opportunity to see their hard work appear on the Edison Theatre stage December 10-12.

Support LitShop: ($35) sponsors a student ticket. 

Support our professional dancers: ($80) sponsors a pair of pointe shoes or ($25) ballet slippers 

Support our community cast: ($50) or ($100) sponsors a scholarship to perform. 

Ballet 314's Wishlist:

Pointe Shoes: $800

Sponsored LitShop Tickets: $600

LitShop Materials (2 Backdrops and a House Set): $2500

Community Cast Scholarships: $500

Costuming Upgrades: $600

Total: $5000

It takes a community to help Ballet 314 support its dancers. This non-profit company was formed with no budget and no start up funds. It took a 3-person board who believed in the idea of two dancers, along with friends, family and a community who have courageously given their time and talent to support the arts, to make Ballet 314 a reality. It is staggering to see how far we have come since our founding in February of 2019!To each of you who purchased a ticket, attended a fundraising event, volunteered time, or made a financial contribution to our mission, we offer our most sincere gratitude.With your generous donations, we can provide our dancers a means to share their joy of dance and celebrate local talent within our community. You can choose to provide a one-time gift or pledge ongoing support that covers dancer compensation, shoes, costumes, and so much more. Click the donate button and become part of the Ballet 314 community today.

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